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Ampere, the European challenger:
a story of tech and EV excellence to foster sustainable growth

  • Initiated as part of the Renault Group’s Renaulution strategic plan, Ampere embodies the Revolution chapter of the plan, establishing a new business model.
  • Specializing in electric vehicles and software, Ampere combines 15 years of expertise in electric vehicles with an agile, innovation-oriented organization.
  • Headed by Luca de Meo, CEO of Ampere, the leadership team gathers multiple experience, both in France and around the world.

Boulogne-Billancourt, November 8, 2023.

A clear illustration of Revolution, the third chapter in Renault Group’s strategic plan, Ampere has been launched becoming the first European EV and software pure player. The effective date for the creation of the company is November 1st, 2023.

To tackle the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities arising from the transformation of the automotive industry as well as face up to major climate concerns, Renault Group created Ampere, a new model of automotive company, aiming to become the European leader in the high-growth market of electric vehicles. Driven by tech, Ampere develops a horizontal model to be more agile and innovate faster. The objective is to democratize EVs in Europe, with vehicles that people can afford. Ampere will build on 15 years expertise in electric vehicles and combines an agile and efficient organisation to design fully electric vehicles for the European market, providing a unique customer experience.

Ampere was set up with a roadmap to integrate ESG throughout its value chain – in the products and services developed by the company, but also in its processes, creating a low-carbon circular economy.

The industrial and technological project pursued by Ampere strongly resonates in the European market, where Renault Group originated. It boasts a unique range of skills as well as a solid industrial and technological ecosystem that safeguards the entire value chain. Ampere operates 11 sites in France, among which four industrial facilities: ElectriCity facility which includes Douai, Maubeuge and Ruitz plants; and the Cléon factory.

The company employs over 11,000 people -35% of whom are engineers- who design, develop, manufacture and market high-performance, safe and sustainable vehicles under the Renault brand. Together, they pool all their efforts to bring about this large-scale transition to electric mobility.

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Creating a new model of company specialising in electric vehicles and software running as of today: How better to illustrate our revolution and the boldness of our teamsInstil a sustainable corporate vision and ensure it is reflected in each and every process and product. Build on the Group’s strengths and review the way we do everything. Form a tight-knit team and work for the collective. Harness our French roots and become the leader in Europe. Assert our commitment to our customers, our planet and those living on it. The roadmap pursued by Ampere reflects the Group’s challenging ambitions and I am extremely proud to launch this major step forwards

Luca De meo — CEO Ampere and Renault Group

A visual identity that combines
both tradition and transformation

The Ampere logo began with the diamond shape, Renault’s iconic long-standing symbol that reflects its human and industrial past. Formed from several diamonds, it illustrates this new configuration of tight-knit, agile teams each with their own area of expertise. The composition resulting from these diamonds sparks ideas of perpetual motion and ascending upwards to a shared goal.

The Ampere identity combines three main colours – Scandium, Eigengrau and Silicon Grey – creating a balance between technology and warmth, between innovation and people.

A multi-skilled
executive team

Headed by Luca de Meo, CEO Ampere, the leadership team brings together people from within Renault Group as well as further beyond in the automotive industry, and international tech companies.


  • Josep-Maria Recasens, Chief Operating Officer
    • Cléa Martinet, VP Sustainability
  • Vincent Piquet, Chief Financial Officer
    • Benedicte Lenguin, Legal Councel
  • Estelle Guillot-Tantay, VP Communications
  • Alexandra Malak, VP People & Workplace

Technology & Operations

  • Luciano Biondo, VP Industrial Operations,
    • Emmanuelle Darot, VP Procurement
    • Laurence Excoffon, VP Quality
    • Luiz Quinalha, VP Manufacturing ElectriCity
  • Olivier Brosse Platform Global Leader, C Segment
  • Philippe Brunet, VP Powertrain & EV Engineering
  • Henry Bzeih, VP Software & Systems
  • Vittorio d’Arienzo, Platform Global Leader, B Segment
  • Luc Julia, Chief AI Officer
  • Christian Stein, VP Revenue Management & Customer Experience, Ampere
  • Gilles Vidal, VP Design, Renault Brand & Ampere

Bios of the members of Ampere’s Leadership Team are available here.

AGENDA: Wednesday, November 15, for a Capital Market Day organized by Renault Group around Ampere.


Press Release

Ampere, the European challenger: a story of tech and EV excellence to foster sustainable growth


Press contact

Estelle Guillot-Tantay – VP Communications, Ampere


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