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Our websites and apps use technologies such as cookies to provide you with a high-quality, fluid and personalised experience. The information in this Policy supplements the Information on personal data protection.

Protecting your online data is a priority for Renault. You can reconsider your choices regarding cookies at any time by using our cookie-management tool: Manage my cookies.

This section is dedicated to our cookie management policy. When our content is displayed, information relating to the browsing of your terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) may be recorded in “cookie” files installed on your terminal. This policy allows you to find out more about the origin and use of this browsing information and your rights concerning it, in particular your right to object. This policy also concerns the information we collect when you access this site via advertising content that we distribute on third party sites and applications.



Ampere, Renault Group affiliate, is independent data controllers of the data collected by the cookies and other trackers read or placed on your device (hereinafter “we”, “us”, “our”).

To find out more, we invite you to read the Information on personal data protection.



A cookie is a small computer file, a tracker, deposited and read when visiting a website, using a mobile app, reading an e-mail, installing or using software, regardless of the type of terminal used (computer, smartphone, digital reader, video game console connected to the Internet, etc.).

When consulting a website, cookies may send information to the user’s browser and allow the browser to send information back to the original website (for example, a session ID or choice of language).

Cookies do not allow us to identify you directly but only to gather specific information on your device, browser, interactions with the website or app you are using and, in some cases, your geographical position. This information is mainly collected using programming tools (known as Software Development Kits, or SDKs).

The technologies used may link several of the devices you may have used to determine, with sufficient probability, that these devices belong to you.



This website uses different types of cookies.

To enable our site to function properly (Technical cookies)

These cookies are intended to enable or facilitate electronic communication (detection of connection errors, identification of connection points, website security, etc.) or to provide online communication services which you might specifically request (screen display preferences, saving information entered in the forms, shopping cart (if applicable), access to your user account, etc.).

These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of our website. You may not object to the use of these cookies and your consent is not required, as the services on our website are reliant on these cookies.

To analyse the number of visitors to and use of our site (Audience measurement cookies)

These cookies are intended to analyse website traffic, to analyse the user experience or simply to collect aggregate signals about the flow of visits on the site (e.g. choice of language, previous page visited, time stamp of the visit, choice on cookies).

These cookies may process data relating to the pages visited, the time spent on visited pages, the browser you use to visit these pages, your use of the chat or chatbot on our website, etc.

The data collected by these cookies may also be used to create algorithms and profiles to analyse your potential interests and preferences for our products and services. We may combine this data with other information, such as information from our customer database (for more information on profiling and how to object to such profiling, please see our Information on personal data protection).

The use and storage of these cookies is generally subject to your consent.

Under certain conditions, some technologies  may collect only technical signals without personally identifying you or following your browsing history, without requiring your consent, as they are used only to produce anonymous statistics for audience measurement.

Social cookies

Subject to your consent, social cookies are used by us for advertising and analytics purposes, especially to show you our ads when you are connected to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.), and to help us understand the user interactions and engagements with our ads on these social networks.
These cookies are also intended to make the website more user-friendly and interactive, by allowing you to interact with these social networks and by embedding contents from these social networks on our Site (such as YouTube videos).

These cookies can process data such as the number of contents shared through social networks, the fact that you have an account on a social network, the tracking of your browsing on websites or these social networks, etc. These features are based on third-party applications integrated into our website. The social network providing such an application button is likely to identify you through this button, even if you did not use this button when you visited our website. This type of application button may allow the social network in question to track your browsing on our website, by the mere fact that your account on the social network in question was activated on your device (open session) at the same time that you were browsing our website.

We recommend that you consult the relevant privacy policies of these social networks to learn about the ways these social networks use the information they may collect, via these application buttons, or for advertising purposes. These privacy policies must allow you to express your preferences on these social networks, in particular by setting up your user accounts for each of these networks.



The attached table contains the list of all the cookies stored and/or used by this website and their main characteristics. Whenever possible, these cookies are hosted on servers located in the European Economic Area (EEA). However, as some of our service providers are located in countries outside the EEA, your personal data are processed in these countries, which may have different regulations on personal data than the European Union. In such a case, (i) we pay close attention to ensuring that this transfer is carried out in accordance with the applicable regulations and (ii) we put in place safeguards ensuring an adequate level of protection of your data (in particular by using the European Commission’s standard contractual clauses).

Our website may contain third parties’ cookies (communication agency, analytics services, etc.) allowing them, during the life of the cookies, to collect browsing information relating to our website. The storage and use of these cookies by third parties is subject to the privacy policies of such third parties. We inform you of the purpose of any third-party cookies on our website as well as the means at your disposal to make choices about these cookies.

Partner owner of the cookie Cookie Purpose Utility Vendor’s Privacy Policy
Renault S.A.S Technical Used to display content in the selected language.
Youtube Social Attempts to estimate user bandwidth on pages with embedded YouTube videos.
Youtube Social Stores a unique identifier to keep statistics on the YouTube videos the user has viewed.
Youtube Social Determines the optimum video quality based on the visitor’s device and network settings.
Youtube Social Stores the user’s video player preferences using the built-in YouTube video.
Google Audience and performance measurement
One Trust Technical



When you first visit our website, you are asked to agree to or refuse or make certain choices about the use of cookies, by displaying a dedicated information banner.

You may withdraw your consent at any time or change your choices (for example by accepting only certain types of cookies) with our cookie management tool: Manage my cookies

Please note that, in accordance with the regulations, cookies which are necessary for the website to function are not subject to your consent and can therefore not be deactivated in our cookie management tool. You may prevent their use by changing your browser settings (by following the section “how to refuse cookies” below) but the quality of your experience on the website may suffer.



When you accept or refuse all or part of cookies on our website, your choice is saved and stored (and we will keep a record of your preferences) for a period of 6 months at most. This means that when you consult our website later, during this period, we will not request any action on your behalf regarding cookies as we will have a record of your stored preferences.

After the end of this period, we will ask you again to consent or refuse the use of cookies.


7. How can YOU manage cookies?

How do you refuse cookies?

If you do not want cookies to be stored or read on your device, a refusal cookie will be stored on your equipment to allow us to record the fact that you have objected to the use of cookies. If you delete this cookie-refusal, we will no longer be able to recognise that you have rejected the use and storage of cookies (meaning that you will need to set your preferences again the next time you visit our website).

You have several options for managing cookies, including blocking their use and/or deleting them.

Cookie-management tool

A cookie tool allowing you to manage your cookie preferences is provided to allow you to manage the cookies stored and/or used on this website. At any time, by clicking on this link below, you can access the configurator and change your preferences, depending on the type of cookie concerned.

Manage my cookies

Browser settings

You may also manage cookies via your browser.

Most browsers are set by default to accept cookies, but if you wish, you can choose to accept all cookies, systematically refuse cookies or choose which cookies you accept depending on where they come from. You can also regularly delete cookies from your device using your browser.

However, don’t forget to set up all the browsers on your various devices (tablets, smartphones, computers, etc.).

Each browser has a different setup for managing cookies and your choices. It is described in your browser’s help menu, which will tell you how to change your cookie preferences. For instance:

Publishers modules for making objections

You can choose to disable some third-party cookies by going directly to the page of the issuer of the cookie. In this way:

Opposition platforms

If relevant, several professional advertising platforms also offer you the option of refusing or accepting cookies used by their member companies. These centralized mechanisms do not block the display of advertisements, but only prevent the installation of cookies used to tailor advertisements to your centers of interest.

For example, you can visit to prevent these cookies from being installed on your terminal. This site is proposed by digital advertising professionals grouped together within the European Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) and managed in France by the Interactive Advertising Bureau France.

You can find out which companies have registered with this platform and offer you the option of refusing or accepting the cookies used by these companies to tailor the advertising likely to be displayed on your terminal to your browsing data:

This European platform is shared by hundreds of Internet advertising professionals and constitutes a centralized interface enabling you to express your refusal or acceptance of the cookies likely to be used to adapt the advertising likely to be displayed on your terminal to your browsing information.



In accordance with applicable personal data protection legislation, you have the right to access, rectify, object to, restrict and delete your personal data. To exercise your other rights, please consult our information on the protection of your personal data by clicking on this link.

To ensure that your personal data, including that collected via cookies, is respected, we have a Data Protection Officer, whose contact details are as follows or Ampere, Legal Division – DPO, 122-122 bis avenue du Général Leclerc – 92 100 Boulogne-Billancourt.



If your terminal is used by several people and when the same terminal has several browsers, we cannot be certain that the services and advertisements intended for your terminal correspond to your own use of this terminal and not to that of another user of this terminal.

Where applicable, the sharing with other people of the use of your terminal and the configuration of the parameters of your browser with regard to cookies are a matter of your free choice and responsibility. In particular, it is your responsibility to inform the person concerned.


10. For more information

For more detailed information on the processing of your personal data in connection with the use of this website, and in particular on exercising your rights, we invite you to consult our Policy on the protection of your personal data, which can be accessed at this address.


11. Changes

We may change this policy from time to time. We will inform you and/or seek your consent whenever necessary or required. We therefore recommend that you consult this policy each time you visit our website in order to review the latest version


Last update: 08 November 2023