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cmd ampere

Cette année, le Capital Market Day de Renault Group s’est centré sur Ampere : l’occasion d’annoncer une multitude d’actualités prometteuses pour l’avenir des véhicules électriques et du software. Découvrez les temps forts et les prochains jalons de la Renaulution.

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Ampere : le challenger européen – Excellence technologique et focus opérationnel au service de la démocratisation du véhicule électrique


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Lancements de nouveaux modèles, avancées technologiques ou événements à venir : Ampere fait l’actualité. Suivez nos dernières news ici !

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    15 Nov. 2023


    Our #CapitalMarketDay has just concluded: the opportunity to detail how Ampere will tackle the European EV market and drive Renault Group’s transformation.
    Ampere is ready to lead the EV race from Day 1, thanks to strong assets and Renault Group’s backing:…

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    Luca de Meo

    15 Nov. 2023


    Over the last 3 years, we have executed what is now recognised as one of the fastest turnarounds in automotive recent history, registering record-breaking results, preparing our best line-up in decades, and giving a new start to the Alliance…

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    10 Nov. 2023


    Yesterday, all Ampere teams were gathered around Luca de Meo and the newly formed leadership team to celebrate the birth of Ampere and unveil our new identity.
    Together, we are ready to take the lead in Europe and offer high-performance and sustainable vehicles that are accessible to all.

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    09 Nov. 2023

    MicrosoftTeams-image (4)

    Born from Renault Group, Ampere is here to transform the electric vehicle industry. Our vision is clear: take the lead in Europe and offer high-performance and sustainable vehicles that are accessible to all.
    With 15 years of EV expertise, Ampere’s agile structure drives innovation and sets new sustainability standards. ESG is at our core, creating a low-carbon circular economy.
    Backed by 11,000 dedicated individuals and led by Luca de Meo and a team of seasoned leaders, we’re on a mission to democratize EV in Europe.